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Our Experience


With over 50 years of combined experience in the education, public policy and non-profit sectors,  LMNO Consulting's team is dedicated to advancing cultural and diversity understanding through breakthrough educational initiatives.

Our team brings together diverse expertise from a variety of professional backgrounds including advertising and marketing, non-profit management, event planning, strategic communications and lobbying.  Yet, at the core, the entire team has actual teaching experience in public and private K-12 schools, international and higher education.

The founder of LMNO Consulting, Claire Tesh, M.Ed., has a long standing reputation of building, shaping and delivering programs for educators, administrators, policy makers, universities and non-profits.  Claire works tirelessly to bring vibrancy and creativity to critical topics from immigration issues, deliberative dialogue and civic engagement and equality topics such as diversity, integration and educational reform.

Whether creating museum exhibits or highly interactive educational materials for classrooms LMNO Consulting is always looking to inspire, inform and transform how people of all ages think about cultural issues that face our nation and our world.

If your organizations is thinking about updating or enhancing  your assets or if you are looking at ways to sustain your approaches to sharing information and optimizing  your reach- let us help you. 


Talk with us today about how we can help you share your vision through teaching and learning.

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Our Approach


Whether you are starting from scratch or you are updating your assets, LMNO Educational Consultants can help you each step of the way.     

  • By creating modern professional development opportunities and trainings.  Both online and in person.
  • By designing accessible and timely lessons, resources and other interactive materials for the classroom or board room.
  • By providing comprehensive educational marketing services (including identifying gaps and opportunities,  project plans with timelines and milestones, cost and/or asset analysis, and public relations). 
  • We also offer a suite of quality services including speaking engagements and assistance in planning and producing your professional development, webinars and conferences.

Why Us?


LMNO Educational Consulting loves working with organizations and institutions that have the potential to make the world a better place.  

Our niche focus is with groups and individuals who believe in the benefits of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion.  

When an organization has an idea, material or an event that will enhance the lives of others- we can ensure that these will be found, used, and shared to their fullest potential.

Whether you are in the strategic planning phase or you are aggregating your results, LMNO Educational Consulting can assist you in any stage of your organization's work.  

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