LMNO Educational Consulting


Strategic Planning


We have helped numerous organizations (museums, private schools, educational start-ups and non-profits) of all sizes with their planning needs.

  1. Help Your Organization Understand the Strategic Planning Process
  2. Draft Your Mission, Vision and Values Statements
  3. Conduct Basic Strategic Analysis
  4. Help Your Board Set Strategic Direction
  5. Conduct Action Planning
  6. Work Along With Your Staff Drafting an Operating Budget
  7. Write and Communicate Your Plan
  8. Monitor and Evaluate Your Strategic Plan
  9. Auditing Materials, Assets, Programs, and Delivery 

Instructional and Program Design


We are experts in designing programs and materials of all sizes and budgets.  Whether you want to revamp your assets or start from scratch we can help put all the pieces together on time and on budget.

We create modern professional development opportunities both virtual and in person as well as corporate trainings.  

We have content creators and experts who can design and write curriculum, lesson plans and resources that are timely and accessible.

We have created lesson plans, consulted on educational technology projects, collaborated with exhibition designers and much more.  

Education moves quickly and we stay in tune with what works and which methods educators prefer- giving your audience high quality materials and you cost effective materials with a long shelf life.

Marketing and PR


When you select LMNO Educational Consultants for your organization's needs you are choosing a one-stop- shop.  


We are uniquely positioned to assist from beginning to end, or even in the middle.  We know that having a small staff can be tricky, and we love to help when and where you need it.  So,  if you've already gotten started we can step in and help you get to the finish line.

We help our clients recognize who their primary audience is, how to grow and maintain followers and users, and how to be strategic about sharing the amazing work your organization is doing.  

Educators are a unique audience and since everybody on our team is or has been an teacher, administrator or academic, we know what motivates educators. We assist in marketing plans, editorial calendars, product and service strategic communications, and so much more.



Welcoming Refugees

We created a tool-kit from scratch for Welcoming America's Welcoming Refugee program.  The client requested lessons and activities for traditional classrooms as well as after school programs to promote awareness of the immigrant experience and to bring unity to teaching and learning.  We also participated in follow up professional development.


Immigrant Learning Center

We work with Immigrant Learning Center in both designing and presenting their professional development series.  Most recently we presented during their two-day Immigrant Student Success Webinar.

See the Webinar's videos and toolkit

Oliver Stone's Untold History

Untold History recognized that there were virtually no lesson plans about the Bracero Program, so we partnered with them and created a module of lesson plans, with primary sources and activities that educators could fold into the subject areas and topics they were already teaching.  The feedback on this timely material was positive and we are planning on relaunching in the near future.

The price of labor: Contextualizing and Humanizing the braceros

Grants: Planning, Writing & Management

We have helped numerous clients through the grants journey.  Whether through the strategic planning, research funding, or the creation phase- our experts have assisted each step of the way.  And because we know that not every non-profit can afford full-time staff to manage programs we have assisted in managing and reporting as well.


Teach Immigration: American Federation For Teachers

AFT requested high-quality, interactive lessons that focused on immigration law and policy, that teachers would be able to easily adapt and use.  The selection of K-12 lessons, resources, and activities have been popular.   We have presented for professional development webinars and participated in conferences and other in person and virtual events related to these lessons and look forward to adding more.

American Federation For Teachers:Teach Immigration

Art & Remembrance: Lesson Plans and Interactive Materials

LMNO Educational Consultants is proud to be part of the Art and Remembrance 2019  relaunch.  We are retrofitting existing lessons plans and materials, creating new exciting interactive tools and strategically planning a multiyear, multitiered marketing and public relations plan.  

Being able to share Esther Krinitz story and artwork has been humbling and inspires us to continue working with clients who choose to make the world a better place through teaching and learning.

Interactive Gallery: The Art and Story of Survivor Esther Krinitz